aazard’s Personal Edited Versions of Tiny Application and Tools

aazard’s Personal Edited Versions of Minimal Required Tools For Visual Modding of MOST PC Video Games

(UI Image/audio quality reduced to “600p/45ppi, 16 colours/OS2 gif/24bit alpha & audio cassette quality” to save space, unneeded files deleted)

I Keep them zipped, but the 100k zipper (v1.22, 71kb), that I use to "unzip/re-zip" them, Fits on 2x 2HD 1.44mb floppies formatted to 1680kb, or 1 IBM 2ED floppy formatted to 3360kb, when zipped


Limits: 8K (8192x8192 pixels) 3D & image support, export to/from DDS BC1 to BC5, with “nm” normal map support, advanced plain text tags are manual unless Win32Pad is used)

NOT ZIPPED = Ready to Run/Use

Zipped Files are, in this set, “on average, 15% smaller”. Meaning, about 1930kb/1.855mb, unzipped sized, fits on 1680kb, when “zipped”

DMF Formatted Floppy (Standard 2HD 1.44mb) Holds 1680kb/1.64mb

DMF Formatted Floppy (IBM 2ED 2.88mb) Holds 3360kb/3.28mb

4mb SD/USB Flash Drive FAT16 (or FAT32/NTFS) Formatted Holds 3906kb/3.81mb

Apps are ALL UPX Re-Packaged, so “disk compression” is no additional savings…just slower.

Apps Needed To Create/Edit Up To 8K 3D, Normals & Images, plus edit cfg/ini files

MW-GFX ConvimX, image converter, DDS to BC5, includes viewer @ 506kb
- 1028kb if you need ACE support & help dialog,
- check file tooltips in explorer to find/delete any unneeded files

Fotografix, "Pro" editing 7.8mb 8K images with a @ 276kb app...beautiful

nJob, Normal Map tools @ 1184kb

MeshMagic – 3D editor @ 347kb

TheGun, Plain text editor @ 6kb

Sub-Total: 2319kb NOT ZIPPED

You could stop here and do ALOT!


AviTricks: Avi video/audio editor. Chroma key, mux wav/avi/bmp @ 475kb

Divendos Screen Capturer: Screen Shots in bmp/recording in avi @ 139kb

Streamosaur: Audio recording in wav/etc @ 20kb

Wave Edit: edit audio @ 22kb

Avi2wav: extract wav audio from avi video @ 157kb

Sub-Total: 813kb NOT ZIPPED

Needed + Nice’s = Total: 3132kb NOT ZIPPED

Media Extras:

Naughter’, EZView, pure image viewing GOLD @ 54kb

Petr Lastovicka, of Tiny Player the  A/V media player that’s @ 80kb

Voyager XG:  an enhanced IE web browser @ 89kb

Sub-Total: 223kb NOT ZIPPED

Needed + Nice’s + Media Extras = Total: 3355kb NOT ZIPPED


Packagers For Distribution

100K Ziper, Tiny archiver, Zip & Unzip files, has SFX support @ 71kb

Pablo Software Solutions Little Install Builder, Basic Setup Maker @ 46kb

Sub-Total: 117kb NOT ZIPPED

Document and Website Makers:

Atlantis Nova - Doc app, add images, open doc (save rtf/txt) @ 390kb

Smart Free PDF, create rich PDF’s with pictures @ 323kb

WYSIWYG Web Builder v2.8 Freeware, @ 354kb

Sub-total: 977kb NOT ZIPPED

BIG TOTAL: 4448kb/4.34mb NOT ZIPPED
- Possible 674kb reduction = 3774kb/3.68mb NOT ZIPPED


Optionals, not "needed" in base packs: But nice to have & tiny



Atlantis lite, pdf/docx able word processor with spellcheck @ 1768kb

Spread32 (xls/cvs version) Spreadsheets @ 172kb

Spread32 (xlsx/cvs version) Spreadsheets @ 942kb

CSV Board, csv database maker @ 72kb

Free PDF to Word, @ 313kb

Cool PDF Reader (v1), @ 586kb

Pico Sticky Notes @ 11kb

TIA PDF Editor @ 5881kb

EVE Vector Diagrams & Drawing @ 74kb

NCH Presenter, can open PPTX, @ 969kb

Softmaker Free Office Presenter 2010, saves as PPTX @ 4702kb

Pixie, color picker, @ 10kb

Portable Calendar 3, @ 23kb

Rename files, @ 128kb

SearchMyFiles, @ 78kb

Metalogic Finance Explorer @ 353kb

MemPad @ 81kb



Selteco FTP Client @ 94kb

Mereo HTTP Server @ 34kb

MailPeek FULL email client, no SSL @ 78kb

PassPack: Secure Password Keeper @ 14kb

nPOPuk Full email client with SSL @ 204kb

Green Browser @ 1019kb



DS Del, Secure file deletion @ 8kb

SureCrypt, Encrypt/Decrypt files @ 10kb

Kill Box: End process, unlock/delete files @ 38kb

TasKill, @ 7kb

SS-backup, @ 68kb

Netstalker firewall, @ 463kb

HiJackThis Dragokas fork @ 1533kb

Roadkills undelete, @ 48kb

EnCopy4 @ 22kb

Xpass, recover hidden passwords @ 13kb



Antmem, memory manager, @ 1kb

Ulitmate CD/DVD Burner @ 340kb

Commander, Better File manager, @ 102kb

Folder Reports, disk space tool, shows folder sizes @ 22kb

PureRA, disk cleaner @ 23kb



Wav2mp3, wav 2 mp3/mp3 2 wav, @ 83kb

Stoik avi2wmv, avi 2 wmv/wmv 2 avi @ 89kb

AviScreen, Screen record tool with audio @ 287kb
- Can remove Streamosaur if used

Send to convert, more image formats, no DDS, conversion @ 209kb

Flicflac, more audio formats conversion @ 1061kb

DP Video convert, more video formats conversion @ 3972kb

7z (v9.2) more archive formats, @ 786kb


Smaller, or bigger, Options:

SGsoft’s SG WordPad, a RTF & Plain text editor (saves as rtf/txt) @ 17kb
- if it replaces “Atlantis Nova”, reducing 373kb of space used

PDF Producer: Plain Text PDF creation @ 22kb
- if it replaces “Smart Free PDF”, reducing 301kb of space used

Savage Edit: Slightly more feature full Plain text editor than “TheGun” @ 14kb
- if it replaces “TheGun”, adding 8kb in size difference

Win32Pad - notepad replacement @ 26kb
- if it replaces “TheGun”, adding 20kb in size difference