Minimal GUI Based STABLE Application For Given Task

Minimal GUI Based STABLE Application For Given Task

List That Works On Current Windows 10 64Bit In 2021


Difficult list to maintain. Any software with a author or original source site no longer active online are claimed for archive and maintenance by myself, aazard.

All are stable versions, some have image/audio quality altered. If possible UPX repackaged. All are hosted by myself

This is a list of the “minimal” app needed for a given “task”, ie; working with docx files or editing an avi file. GUI based still working on Windows 10 64Bit in 2021

No Netframework, Java or 64Bit required. No Install Needed, All 100% Portable

Office tasks:

* Including basic “Office via Internet” tasks, like Web Browser, WYSIWYG Website & HTML Editors, FTP & HTTP server clients, and commonly used applications in an office environment
* Also included are “Basic Security” tools for file encryption/deletion, password/account info (etc.) storage, and commonly used applications in an office environment


Plain Text, With “Open/Save As” .txt Format: The Gun @ 6kb

Plain Text, With “Open/Save As” With Advanced txt Formats: Win32pad @ 26kb

Plain Text .pdf Creation: Pdf Producer @ 22kb


Rich Text, With “Open/Save As” .rtf Format: SGsoft Wordpad @ 17kb

Rich Text, With True “Open” .doc, “save as” .rtf (not attempt to recover text): Atlantis Nova @ 390kb

Rich Text, With “Open/Save As” .doc (also .docx, export to ebup/webpage, zipped/encrypted & US English spell check bonus!): Atlantis 4 Lite @ 1760kb

Rich .pdf Creation: Smart Free Pdf @ 323kb

Rich .pdf Creation, “Save WIP/Edit Created Files” Ability: Free PDF Editor @ 328kb


Pdf To .rtf/.doc Conversion: Free Pdf to Word @ 313kb

Pdf Viewing: Cool Pdf Reader v1.0 @ 586kb

Pdf Editing, direct “open/save as” .pdf: TIA Pdf Edit @ 5881kb


Csv Database “Open/Save As”: Csv Board @ 72kb

Spreadsheets csv, xls, xml “Open/Save As” Full function: Spread32 (older) @ 172kb

Spreadsheets csv, xlsx, xlmx “Open/Save As” Full function: Spread32 @ 942kb

Dfb “Open/Save As”: DFB Explorer @ 36kb

Mdb “Open/Save As”: MDB Plus @ 1378kb

SQL “Open/Save As”: SQLite Spy @ 1479kb


Basic “Ppt Like Presentations” Tool: Zoom It! @ 336kb

Pptx “Open” But Save As npp/pdf/Video: NCH Presenter 969kb

Ppt “Open/Save As” Creation: Softmaker  Presentations 2008 (Base Fonts) @ 2075kb

Pptx “Open/Save As” Creation: Softmaker Presentations 2010 (Base Fonts) @ 4702kb


Email Send, with attachments: Quick Mail @ 23kb

Email Client, with send, receive, address book & alert tone: Mail Peek @ 75kb

Email Client, with as above, plus SSL support: nPOPuk-SSL @ 204kb


WYSIWYG HTML “Open Save As”: HTML Doc Edit @ 71kb

HTML Editing, With Tag/Etc. Support: Leafier @ 143kb

WYSIWYG Website Authoring: WYSIWYG WebBuilder v2.8 @ 354kb

HTTP File & Web Server: Mereo @ 34kb


Web Browser, With GUI, Trident (IE) Engine Based, “YouTube videos work”:
Voyager XG Major Geeks edition @ 89kb
- &, for modern UI/plugins/pop-up block, etc, Green Browser @ 1032kb

Web Browser, With GUI, Stand-alone, “No YouTube”: D-Plus @ 1081kb

Web Browser, With GUI, Stand-alone, “YouTube videos work”:
K-Melon Gecko Engine version @ (abit lighter than goanna version, resl number SOON)

Web Browser, With GUI, Stand-alone, “PWA & YouTube Work”:
K-Melon Goanna Engine version @ 54428kb


Financial Manager: Metalogic Finance Explorer @ 452kb

Scientific (Graph, Gradient) Calculator: ReactOS Calc v1 @ 20kb


Secure File Deletion: SureCrypt @ 10kb

Secure File Encrypt/Decrypt: DS Del @ 8kb

Secure Password Generator, Account Info (Etc.) Storage: Passpack @ 14kb

Take File Ownership: Take Ownership Pro @ 205kb

Unlock And/Or Delete Locked File: KillBox @ 38kb

End Process: Taskill @ 7kb


Vector Diagrams: EVE @ 74kb

Screenshot And Record: Divendos Screen Capturer @ 139kb

Desktop Calander/Sheduler: Portable Calandar 3 @ 22kb

On-screen Keyboard: Shellfish @ 182kb

On-screen Clock: Tiny Clock @ 11kb

Screen Magnifier: Fatbits @ 32kb

File Rename: Renamer 5 Beta @ 54kb

File Search: SearchMyFiles @ 78kb

Desktop Spellcheck: TinySpell @ 641kb

Sticky Notes: Pico Sticky Notes @ 11kb

Font Viewer: Fonster @ 3kb