DMF Floppy Office v5.0.1: aazard's 2021 Edition



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DMF Floppy Office – A Repackaged Toolset, By Jeff Witty, AKA: aazard.

DMF Floppy Office v5.0.1: A Reasonable Office Suite, of 23 tools, Fitting Inside 1680kb!

  • v5.0.1 is 1st release, named v5.x.x in homage to the last version of Xtort's FloppyOffice which was v4.0.

Dedicated to my father and my son. May I see you both again.

An update of's FloppyOffice v4.0, which is now defunct.


Full toolset size zipped, All are zipped but the 100K Zipper, is: 1677kb.

What Can You Do? Toolkit includes 23 Tools:


  • Pure GUI toolkit, no need for CMD prompt use.
  • Manage your RAM to try freeing 64mb, if possible.
  • Open and edit doc files, save as rtf with image support
  •  Open and edit xlsx, or lesser spreadsheet file types.
  •  Open and edit csv files and create databases.
  •  Open and edit any plain text file types.
  •  Send files with an FTP Client.
  •  Host websites or files with an HTTP server.
  •  Zip and Unzip files with SFX support.
  •  Create PDF files from plain text.
  •  Create vector graphics drawings and diagrams.
  •  Copy files fast and easily, even damaged files.
  •  Securely delete files.
  •  Send and receive emails, with alerts and attachments supported.
  •  Scan and view the sizes of folders and their contents with detailed reports.
  •  Search for files with advanced search input.
  •  Generate unique secure passwords.
  •  Encrypt and decrypt files.
  •  Rename files, with bulk and wildcard features.
  •  Create and restore compressed backups.
  •  Show and recover hidden passwords.
  •  Calendar that supports notes and schedules.

If you need to, please google "How to format a floppy to 1.68mb DMF?".

USB versions of this toolkit are hosted  on my Github and websites.


December the 28 of 2020.


CC 4.0 By SA.

  • Unrestricted use and redistrbuitution premitted and suggested! With credits as per licence, if you remember.



  1. Use the included 100K Zipper to unzip toolset to target PC or Media, on "root" of a drive.
  • Disk space required: Aprox 1900kb, or 1.85mb.
  1. Running desire app, from folder on target PC/Media, and any additional required files will be created.
  • Thats it.


When complete/cleanup:

  1. Use 100K Zipper to zip any files you wish to save.
  2. Use Mailpeek to send to yourself.
  3. Copy dsdel to desktop. Use dsdel to delete the DMF Floppy Office folder. Then delete dsdel from desktop.

Document info:

FoldersReport produced HTML report edited and saved as plain text doc, with TheGun,  6kb plain text editor.


DMF Floppy Office, an "Office Suite" designed to fit on a DMF formatted 3.5" 2HD floppy diskette.

  • That being a 1680kb windows formatted 2HD 3.5" floppy diskette.

My goal was to extend, improve and update the former the FloppyOffice v4.0 package, from 2003, to a more “full featured” toolkit, while retaining the “Fully Portable” packaging.

Using “Small is beautiful”, with a "Plus the kitchen sink" mindset, design philosophy; that being: attempt to be as inclusive as possible, being respectful to disk space and resource use.

  • The original FloppyOffice v4.0 package, created by, was a small, portable productivity software suite which offers a collection of unique standalone free software applications.
  • FloppyOffice v4.0, the last release, was last updated, in its floppy version, in 2004. Its authors website has been offline from atleast mid-2016.

If you find yourself working on different "older" machines and need portable software you can access, hassle-free, from any computer's 3.5" floppy drive, then this is the package for you.

Systems Supported:

  • No Java or Net Framework needed.

Use Media:

  • Min: Internal or external 3.5" PC floppy diskette drive.
  • Suggested: If possible, one of my USB versions of this toolkit.

Bit level:

  • Min: 32bit. 64bit is fully supported by all tools. Some may require XP compatibility mode under 64bit windows Vista+.


  • Min: Intel P55C 120mhz or AMD K6 233mhz with mmx CPU.
  • Suggested: 300mhz+ 32bit CPU, with mmx, or equilvent.


  • Min: Under Windows 2000/FLPC, 64mb. Windows Vista+, 512mb.
  • Suggested: 1024mb or more.

Video memory:

  • Min: Any amount present on a video adapter supportting Windows 95 should do.
  • Suggested: 8mb, shared, or more.

Disk space:

  • Min: Aprox 1900kb, or 1.85mb.


  • Min: 640x480 VGA colour.
  • Suggested: 800x600+ with as many color your system supports.


  • The last patch versions of Windows 2000 and Windows Fundamentals For Legacy PC's, are the minimun supported OS's, forward, to Windows 10. With both 32 and 64bit users supported.
  • That said, many tools will work on Windows 9x (Windows 95 to ME) and NT3.x/NT4.0, but the package is designed for Win32, or 32bit, NT5+.

Tool and file size list:


Size Of Files

Size On Disk


 DMF Floppy Office; Size unzipped

 1,754 KB

 1,804 KB


 100k zipper v1.21

 71 KB

 72 KB


 AntMem v13- Try to Free 64mb

 0 KB

 4 KB


 Atlantis Nova

 421 KB

 424 KB


 CSVboard v1.1

 71 KB

 72 KB



 7 KB

 8 KB



 22 KB

 24 KB



 73 KB

 76 KB



 21 KB

 24 KB


 mailpeek 0.93

 67 KB

 72 KB



 80 KB

 84 KB



 33 KB

 36 KB



 96 KB

 100 KB


 Password Generator

 4 KB

 8 KB



 21 KB

 24 KB



 128 KB

 128 KB



 75 KB

 76 KB



 118 KB

 120 KB



 350 KB

 352 KB



 9 KB

 12 KB



 6 KB

 8 KB


 Xcalday Calendar

 62 KB

 64 KB



 13 KB

 16 KB


DMF Floppy Office; unzipped   size 1,754 KB or 1,804 KB on disk, containing 24 files. All tools/apps GUI driven

100K Zipper v1.21:

  • Zip/Unzipper, with SFX ability. V1.21 amd 1.25 are bug free, 1.21 is smaller missing a win98se fix.

AntMem v13- Try to Free 64mb:

  • Ram Cleaner set to free 64mb

Atlantis Nova:

  • RTF editor, open .doc, add images

CSVboard v1.1:

  • CSV editor with database ability


  • Secure File deletion tool


  • File Copy, even damaged files


  • Vector Diagram creation and drawing tool


  • Folder size report tool

MailPeek v0.93:

  • Email client with alert, attachments and address book support.


  • Plain text tree format outliner

Mereo v1.9.4:

  • HTTP Server


  • FTP client

Password Generator:

  • A secure password generation tool


  • Make plain text in to a pdf

Renamefiles v2.42:

  • File renaming, many features


  • Advanced file search


  • Backup and restore tool with compression


  • Spreadsheets with .xlsx ability


  • Encrypt and Decrypt file


  • Plain text editor, saves as any plain text format

Xcalday Calendar:

  • Calendar with scheduler and notes


  • Hidden password recovery