Install WES 7 (Windows 7 Thin PC) From a USB Drive To A USB Drive

Please follow the below steps to create a WES7 install image on a USB:

Step 1: Follow the steps(1-3) mentioned at the below location to create a bootable utility UFD

To copy the utility files to a UFD and make it bootable

  1. From a Windows 7 or Windows PE environment, run the DiskPart tool. For example, at the command prompt, type the following:



    The version of the DiskPart tool provided by both Windows 7 and Windows PE supports the partitioning and formatting of a UFD as a bootable device. Previous versions of the DiskPart tool do not support partitioning and formatting a UFD to be bootable.

  2. Use the DiskPart tool to determine the disk number and device size to be used for the next step by typing the following at the DiskPart command prompt:

    list disk
  3. Use the DiskPart tool to partition and format the device and make it bootable. For example, if the UFD is Disk 1, type the following at the DiskPart command prompt, replacing <device_size> with the capacity of the UFD (in MB).

    select disk <disk_number>
    create partition primary size=<device_size>
    select partition 1
    format fs=ntfs quick

    The UFD is now bootable.

Step 2: Launch ICE (Image Configuration Editor) from the toolkit

Step 3: File -> Select Distribution Share

Step 4: Right Click and create a new answer file

Step 5: Add all the features that you want to include in your image into the answer file

Step 6: Goto Validate -> Validate Only (i.e. Validating the configuration/image) and resolve all the errors. Be sure to select "Bootable Windows USB Stack".

Step 7: Goto Tools -> Creat Media -> Create IBW Image from Answer File

Step 8: In the "Select the target folder for the image" specify the drive of the USB (eg. E:  or  F:), and then click 'OK'


Using the above steps you should be able to create the WES7 image on a USB. Let me know if you face any issues with these steps.

To Install "TO USB" simply select the USB device as the destination for WES 7 install